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Our Program

Our program is designed to give individuals struggling with substance misuse the best possible chance at recovery by providing the highest-quality and most effective services possible.

We offer the following programs & services:

Our program is tailored to you and your unique circumstances and needs, providing truly individualized care.

Program Highlights

Pharmacogenetic (Pgx) Testing

Pharmacogenetic, or PGX, testing is a relatively new service changing the way medications are prescribed. These tests use your DNA to analyze which medications will be effective for you and which medications you should avoid. Because your DNA doesn’t change, these test results can be utilized for the rest of your life.

Medication Assisted Treatment

The Lakes Treatment Centers utilize medications to ensure your entire stay with The Lakes Treatment Centers is as comfortable and effective as possible. Suboxone, Subutex, and Librium are commonly utilized to ease withdrawal symptoms and give you the most comfortable detox possible. Other medications will be prescribed through our physician and psychiatrist to address your physical and mental health.

Couples Treatment

The Lakes Treatment Centers are some of the few facilities in California and the nation that accept and treat couples together. Discounts may be available for couples as well.

Prenatal Treatments

The Lakes Treatment Centers admits pregnant residents that are struggling with addiction. All necessary medical services will be provided and arranged to ensure the health of you and your child.

Multiple Relapse Situations

The Lakes rural location away from the triggers and temptations of big cities is the perfect setting for those that may have relapsed once or more while in treatment or after completing treatment. Simply getting into nature can be enough to stimulate recovery for many.

Life Skills

Residents of The Lakes Treatment Centers are taught the life skills they will need to be successful and productive members of society. Examples of life skills programs offered at The Lakes include, but are not limited to, building resumes, job hunting, budgeting, interviewing skills, and GED practice material.

Religious Services & Bible Study (Optional)

Each individual has the choice to participate in weekly church services and bible study groups with volunteers from our local church. Reasonable accommodations will be made for all religious denominations while with The Lakes Treatment Centers.

Family Groups

All families, close friends, and loved ones of our residents are invited to attend the family program, held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. Non-structured family visits are held on all other Sundays.

Legal Coordination

The Lakes Treatment Centers work with residents to assist and resolve any legal issues they may have. The Lakes will contact your attorney, probation officer, and courts to assist you in resolving any legal issues as quickly and easily as possible.

Lake Activities

Located on the waterfront of the beautiful Lake Tulloch, activities include tubing, wake surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and many more. Our patio boat and Mastercraft wake surfing boat are utilized for boating activities such as tubing and wake surfing.

Full Gym Onsite

A full gym loaded with exercise equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, and free weights are available on-site to all residents, allowing you to get healthy mentally and physically

Volleyball and Swimming Pool

A swimming pool and regulation sand volleyball court are located onsite and often utilized for groups, activities, and available during free time for all residents.

Art Program

Residents will participate in our extensive art program in our fully stocked art room. Activities include charcoal painting, pottery, leatherworking, wood crafting, and many other activities

Evidence-Based Therapy and Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation and evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy are utilized so you can practice what works for you.

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