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When someone has a strong addiction to drugs or alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms they experience can be dangerous to their health. To overcome addiction without endangering yourself, medical detoxification or detox can help.

The Lakes Treatment Center on Lake Tulloch can help you with our comprehensive detox program. We design each detox treatment to need each person’s physical and mental needs while keeping their safety in center focus at all times. If you are worried that you cannot recover safely from your addiction due to its intensity, then detox might be right for you.

Detox programs can help people with strong addictions to:

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How Does Detoxing Work?

Detoxing can seem unusual at first because it involves taking the same substance to which you are addicted. However, you will take it in controlled amounts and under the supervision of our professional staff and while in a medical setting. With small amounts of the substance taken at planned intervals, you can safely take less and less of the substance without the risk of unsafe withdrawal symptoms.

Detox might not work for everyone, of course. It is important that you only take detox if it will be safe for you, and that it won’t tempt you back into addiction. This is why we have such a metered approach to detox at our rehab center.

Detox programs will usually involve these three main steps:

  • Intake: During your first intake meetings with our staff, we will use a careful evaluation process to determine if a detox program will be safe and necessary. If it is, then we can conduct a medical evaluation of your overall health. We will not proceed with detox if it is determined that it could be unsafe.
  • Care: The detox process requires medical care from trained staff members. While detoxing in our center, we will watch your vital signs from within a medical setting. This precaution allows for rapid responses in case you experience withdrawal symptoms like hypertension. The chances of withdrawal symptoms should be reduced thanks to the initial intake process, though.
  • Transfer: After detoxification is complete, there is no need to transfer to another program for continued care. At The Lakes Treatment Center, we can provide a comprehensive residential addiction treatment program for those struggling with substance use disorder

Safe, Effective Detox from a Team Who Cares

The Lakes Treatment Center is where you should be if you want to fight addiction head-on and with the backing of a professional recovery team. With our detox program on Lake Tulloch, you can challenge addiction without endangering yourself to the worst that withdrawal can cause, too. We’re here to support and guide you however we can, so let’s get to work on helping you take control of your life again.

For more information, please contact our of experts by clicking here or by phone (209) 309-3573.

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